Our Story

Green Life Organic Cleaners is the wet cleaning pioneer store in Texas. The owner of Green Life Cleaners has been directly involved in developing wet cleaning machinery and techniques. He has successfully demonstrated wet cleaning at his Frisco, Texas location more than a decade. Our operation has taken into consideration the importance of a healthier and greener lifestyle by using city water and non-toxic detergents. We are proud to offer you our superior services through great customer service and the utilization of new technology. At our establishment we offer you pickup & delivery service, professional alteration on-site, and the use of cutting edge technology all at an affordable price.

Join Us and Support a Cleaner Alternative

Greenlife Organic Cleaners not only utilizes the new technology behind wet-cleaning, but worked hand-in-hand with the development of this new technology. Currently we are one of the few dry cleaners in the State of Texas to adapt this system and we’re proud of it. The wet cleaning system offers an eco-friendly alternative to the standard dry cleaning system that uses harmful chemicals such as Perc. Join us in converting to a cleaner alternative.