The Greenlife Way is a Convenient Way of Life.

Life is messy. You have alot to deal with, which is why Greenlife Organic Cleaners focuses on delivering the best customer service with the best solution to dry-cleaning and laundry. Take advantage of our deliver service by taking the time to fill out our form.

 A New Kind of Dry Cleaning for Dallas and Frisco, Texas

Greenlife Organic Cleaners is at the forefront of revolutionizing the dry cleaning industry through innovative cleaning methods. Our wet cleaning system uses state of the art technology that leaves no toxic chemical residue in your garments. The wet cleaning system allows us to by-pass the use of harmful chemicals such as “Perc” and other petroleum based detergents.

Wet cleaning uses fresh water and specially formulated detergent in a computer controlled process that regulates temperature, PH, moisture content and agitation to clean all types of garment resulting superbly clean and safe quality. Vast majority of dry cleaners use petroleum-based solvent, either “Perchloroethylene” known as “Perc” or “Hydro Carbon” that leave harmful chemicals in your garment. “Perc” is a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) that poses a health risk to humans. Although “Hydro Carbon” is less risky than “Perc”, it is also a petroleum-based solvent carries all the environmental and quality concerns of petroleum.



Why not have the people you trust to clean your clothes, repair them too? Greenlife Organic Cleaners has qualified full-time professional alterations experts. Our experienced seamstresses and tailors have years of experience in the industry. If you need a hem, have a broken zipper, or need major alterations changes, Greenlife Organic Cleaners will be happy to assist. Alterations without worry. What could be better?

Common Items

All types of Apparel

Greenlife Organic Cleaners is happy to serve Frisco, Dallas, and its surrounding areas with impeccable customer service and cleaning. Our cleaning systems is guaranteed to keep your clothes fresh and feeling new.

Household Items

Bedding, Drapes, and More

When it’s time to clean unwieldy household items, don’t hesitate to bring it in to Greenlife Organic Cleaners. Delicate fabrics and blankets are a simple task for our cleaners. Give your washing machine a break and visit us today.

Couture Cleaning

Maintain your Luxury Goods

High-end luxury goods are worth preserving. With the proper care, they can last a life time. Greenlife Organic Cleaners utilizes the newest technology in the cleaning industry.

Wedding Gowns

Intricate Dresses and Tuxedoes

It’s a special moment in one’s life. For such a momentous occasion you want the best quality service for your gown. Leave the cleaning to us and so you can move on to other stages of planning.

Specialty Items

Leather Goods, Shoes, Unique Fabrics

If it needs cleaning, bring it in. Our eco friendly technology can be applied to any article you need cleaned. Futon mattresses, leather goods, and even fine silks.